Anchored in God's Truth

In 2017, God opened the door for IBCA to start broadcasting over the radio. This opportunity provides yet another avenue to spread the good news of God’s Word! Currently, the church broadcasts on eight stations around the country in fifteen minutes segments Monday through Friday and thirty minute segments on Sundays.

Though the fruit from this ministry may never be fully known, there has already been great reaction from numerous individuals who have let us know this ministry is a blessing to them. May the Lord be praised! We pray you will find these sermons helpful, insightful, and an anchor in this ever-changing world!

We are currently broadcasting our weekday messages from the Book of Matthew and our Sunday message from the Book of 1 John
Listen to these message on the links provided or on one for our local stations listed below.

Monday-Friday @ 7:30 AM
89.3 FM in Anchorage, AK
88.3 FM in Palmer, AK

Monday-Friday @ 3:00 PM
91.7 FM in Anchorage, AK
88.9 FM in Palmer, AK

Monday-Friday @ 6:45 PM
97.9 FM & 1270 AM
in Mobile, AL

Monday-Friday @ 10:00 AM
1640 AM in San Francisco, CA

Monday-Friday @ 2:45 PM
1410 AM in Bakersfield, CA

Monday-Friday @ 8:30 AM
94.9 FM & 1480 AM
in Shreveport, LA

Sunday @ 9:00 AM
92.5 FM & 1020 AM
in Eagle River, AK

Sunday @ 7:30 PM
1250 AM in York, PA